Carmen spreken zie Deutsch (Carmen Speaks German)

Here is the extent of my ‘Survival German’. All spellings are phonetic.

1. Ich can nicht so fill Deutch shpreken. (I can speak little German)

2. Shpreken zie English? (Do you speak English?)

3. Ich bin verloren. (I am lost)

4. Ich comma aus Canada. (I am from Canada)

5. Bittah shun. (You’re welcome) or (please) or (welcome!), I was a bit confused when to use this.

6. Danke shun (Thank you)

7. Konnen zie mir helfen? (Can you help me?)

8. Entshuldigung, voh zind dee toileten? (Excuse me, where are the toilets?)

9. Das ist toell! (That is awesome!)

10. Ich liebe Frankfurt. (I love Frankfurt)

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