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Below is my piece I am submitting to the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s contest for new composers. (See link)

The piece, titled Reputation uses sounds gathered in Thailand and Cambodia. It is based on the belief that ringing a specific set of bells in the temple will make your reputation spread with the sound. Most of the sounds were collected in temples and consist of bells, gongs, voices of people visiting the temples or praying, and of two thunderstorms.

The work is meant to be very organic and conjure the golden, ringing sonic experience of visiting the Buddhist temples in Thailand. The piece moves from a soundscape-style setting into a deeper exploration of the sounds. The latter half of the piece more closely matches my memories of my travels: fragments that are broken up and don’t line up temporally any more, overarching sensations injected with minute focus on details…

Tech specs: Cutting, pasting, panning, and heavy EQ were the main techniques I used. There was also some stretching of clips, and a breath of reverb in small doses. Compositionally, I used a technique I call sound-gates (different than the dynamic effect of ‘gating’), where one sound is the catalyst for another to begin or end.

Please send me any thoughts you have. I am especially looking for constructive critisism!  How do you find the timing/motion of the piece? What did you hear/see in the piece? Things you especially liked, or found jarring? How did it sound through your speakers/headphones – did the bass or high freqs take over painfully at any time? Etc… please send to