In the beginning, there was nothing and there was everything. Nothing ruled the universe, and everything was under nothing’s command. Nothing could sing beautifully. Every time nothing sang, everything entered a state of chaos. But nothing grows from chaos, so the chaotic state of everything caused nothing to sing even more beautifully. But everything did not like the chaos and everything decided that nothing could not rule the universe any more. So everything waited in silence. And nothing stopped singing to see what everything was waiting for. Silence. Everything was waiting for a new ruler of the universe. Man, the vagrant, was at the doors to the universe. And everything cried out “Man wants to rule the universe, should we let him? What are his credentials?”. “These are our credentials: an opposable thumb, love, life, war, music, greed, art, efficacy. Efficacy: the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Liturature, freedom, an annoying tendancy to pave things, selfishness, mild incompetence, massive ignorance, a brief peiod of time when we are young when we emulate perfection, death. We have a lot of death, but we can sing beautifully.” Man began to sing and instead of turning into chaos, everything became nothing, nothing became everything, everything became nothing became everything became.