For all performers in the Borderless Art Movement’s 2012 production of Sedna. (All other visitors to this site are not given permission to download anything from this site).

To listen to a link without downloading, click the play icon.

Sedna participants: to download an mp3 version of each track, right-click on the name in blue, and ‘download as’ or ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ and it should download to wherever you specify. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the music:

DO NOT SHARE with anyone outside the Sedna Project. I will keep this link up for about 3 weeks, and will remind people of it at rehearsals. Keep in mind that not all the timing is set in stone!

Sedna Intro (Musicians do not play, dancers are the seagrass, painters are painting.)


Sedna Theme (Sedna talks about her life with her father, Raven dances a suitor dance)


Desolate Island (creepy improvisation from musicians, dancers are also creepy, painters paint island scene, Sedna is unhappy)

4Sedna Desolate Island

Raven Dance (groovy raven beats in the music, dancers are all ravens, painters have the raven painted)


Calling Father (singers call the wind (flute is the windiest), dancers dance the wind)


Father Paddling (musicians play lilting song, dancers are the human kayak)


Stormy Climax – be aware – THIS PART WILL CHANGE – do not follow this exactly, be prepared for flexibility with this section. Only use the track below as a rough reference.


Sedna Adlivun (only fake instrument sounds -midi- in this track). As Sedna floats to the ground and starts to become the Goddess of the Sea.


Fishes (only midi)


Seals and Walrus (only midi)


Whales (whale sounds, with improvising in the music when it is live (faked in this track)


Goddess Song (only midi) – Sedna talks about her power as the goddess


Slow You fell (only midi) – song of lament and blue-green.