This is the working website for Sedna musicians. It will include the audio drafts to work for rehearsing with, and thoughts on improvisation, and other thoughts.

‘Whales’ – this version has the soundtrack of whale and water sounds, and MIDI instruments playing along. BE AWARE: the instruments will sound VERY different, as they will be using unusual techniques that are impossible to create on a computer, and will be using the material you here to IMPROVISE, so it will likely (and hopefully!) be a bit different every time. The bell phrase you hear 4 times each signals a different instrument to begin playing (1st is the cello at 0:40, 2nd is the clarinet at 1:25, 3rd is the flute at 2:12, and 4th is the signal that the piece will slowly end / fade out.


Rough copy of MIDI for ‘Seals and Walrus’ (no soundtrack yet – it is in progress)


MIDI of the final movement, a lament (with english words, not heard in the midi) – a Vocal feature. quite slow and somber. Will have ocean / nature / ambient sounds behind, like the whale one, only less whales:)